Past Campaigns

Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act of 2016 - April through November 2015 - Provided expert testimony and information to California legislators in their effort to create a comprehensive regulatory framework for the cannabis industry. 

City of San Jose Ordinance - August 2014 – CCC helped organize local citizens groups, conducted workshops on the initiative process, and provided expert testimony to local government officials in an effort to bring the only reasonable cannabis legislation in the South Bay. 

Shasta County Referendum February 2014 – CCC assisted local citizens in organizing, gathering signatures, raising funds, and qualifying the citizen-backed referendum for the ballot. 

Lake County Referendum - November 2011 – CCC assisted in community outreach, education, and signature gathering to qualify the citizen-backed referendum for the ballot. 

Kern County Referendum - September 2011 – CCC organized the disparate local stakeholders into a cohesive whole, helped raised funds, helped gather signatures, and qualified the citizens-referendum for the ballot. 

Community Outreach and Organization in City of Fresno - August 2011 – CCC assisted local citizens in organizing and educating the citizens of Fresno on the state of cannabis regulations in their area. 

City of San Diego Referendum - May 2011 – CCC joined an alliance of local citizens groups to raise funds and gathered 81,000 signatures in 30 days to qualify the citizens-backed referendum for the ballot. 

Community Outreach and Organized the Overgrow March in Washington D.C. - April 20, 2011 – CCC joined a nation-wide alliance of citizen's group to organize and conduct the largest cannabis demonstration to have taken place in our nation's capital.